I have been through years of counseling, digging up my past over and over again, but never experienced lasting freedom or healing. Counseling didn’t seem to be working and I still felt stuck in all my stuff. I began working with Laurie and the shifts were powerful. It was the first time I have experienced true freedom and healing in specific areas of my life. This process was fundamental to my my healing journey. I will continue to have valleys in this lifetime, but I have experienced true joy, peace, hope and freedom through this work. I encourage anyone who desires real growth and transformation to take the risk…. it’s so worth it!!
— Sindy V., Mental Health Professional
SOWthat helped guide me physically and philosophically to a better understanding of the connection between my body, breathing, and intention to make a positive change in the lives of my family. Their holistic approach incorporated poetry and aphorisms from spiritually connected sources which was especially grounding. Jean has a unique, open spirit and was able to adapt as easily to me as a 59-year-old as she did with my 23-year-old son.
— Mike, Business Owner
I began my SOWthat Group in a season in life where I felt stuck. I needed to go back and deal with unprocessed grief from losing both of my parents when I was 4. These facilitators are gifted and wise listeners who can help you along on your journey. I highly recommend joining a group if you have suffered loss.
— Debbie F., Spiritual Director
I approached Jean when I was looking for a private Yoga instructor to help me cope with
arthritis. Jean understood my real need of healing through mind-body-soul connection. She is insightful, warm and caring. At a time in my life when I was feeling lost and dis-heartened, she
helped me create a positive vision about being able to achieve the results I wanted.
— Saloni - Life Coach
I had the opportunity to dive deeper into my own personal story when I was part of a SOWthat group. At first I was hesitant about diving into certain aspects of my past and was unsure about the process that would take place. However, the deeper I started to dig, I started to see the benefit of processing elements from my past that subconsciously weighed on me. Jean was our facilitator and her guidance and compassion is what helped me process some of the issues that came up. She is well equipped from her Allender training, as well as her own life experience and uses those tools to help people process their past traumas and work toward inner healing. Jean has a real soft spot for people who have been deeply hurt and embraces them without judgment and treats everyone with pure kindness. That is key when opening ourselves up to such vulnerability.  The feeling of freedom after having a heavy weight lifted is the key to transformation and hope going forward.
— Karyn S., Student
To enter another person’s heartache and hope, at the level that brings profound change, one needs to have walked where few choose to tread—the valley of the shadow of death. A good guide is not only exceptionally bright, strong, and wise—she is aware of her brokenness and humbled by her beauty. She holds the complexity of death and resurrection for herself and therefore can do so for others. I trust and love the women of SOWthat. Just as their name, they are playful, kind-hearted, honest, and committed to allowing the Great Story Teller, Jesus, to invade their work and bring about transformation. I have led groups with Laurie and been part of the training process with the rest and they are the kind of guides that will take you into the holy ground of your heart.
— Dan B. Allender, Ph.D. Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President