The Vulnerability Edge - A Workshop to reclaim your courage

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The Vulnerability Edge - A Workshop to reclaim your courage


Friday, September 30th 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $40

Where: Nirvana Yoga Studio, 232 E. Main Street                    Barrington, IL

This workshop is for you if you if you long to:

-find greater purpose and meaning in your life

-Rest in the fact that you are worthy of love and belonging

-practice gratitude to cultivate joy and contentment

-open your heart, take a risk, and reclaim your creativity

-engage in sacred listening and authentic sharing about what is real

This workshop will also help you tune in to connect to the truth of who you already are.  We will lead you in the practice of exploring the emotions that you are carrying around. Learn tools to move “stuck” emotions that are blocking the flow of abundance, joy, connection, and transforming change out of your body.  Once you courageously name and acknowledge what you are holding, you are free to release it so that you have room to connect, grow, and live the life of connection and meaning you were created for. 

Please come and enjoy the gift of freedom that lies just beyond the Vulnerability Edge

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People associate vulnerability with weakness, but research proves that it is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and powerful change.  In this workshop you will learn what vulnerability is and how to harness it to increase your personal, professional and relational effectiveness.

Participants will: 

  • Discover new levels of awareness of yourself and others
  • Discuss current challenges and learn practical strategies that will transform the way you engage, lead and love
  • Deepen your capacity to show up authentically, take risks and connect more fully with yourself and others
  • Recognize your hidden strength and the greatest obstacle on your path to success and positive change