Day Retreat - Journey to Your Soul's Desire

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Day Retreat - Journey to Your Soul's Desire


Tuesday, July 18th  (9:30am - 2:30pm)

Location: Muse Art Studio, 135 Beardsley St., Crystal Lake IL 60014

Cost: $139 (cost includes art, lunch and snacks) 

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about the demands of summer? Are you ready to invest in time just for you? You deserve a space of rest and renewal.

Please join us for a fun and relaxing day including mindfulness to relax your busy mind, yoga to move tension out of your body, art to awaken creativity, and sacred listening to inspire heart-felt connection and healing. 

You will also experience:

  • A workshop on discovering and experiencing what your soul most desires. 
  • Yoga to bring kindness to your body
  • Mindfulness to return to peace
  • Art for the artist and non-artist alike
  • Writing and reflection exercises to ignite your soul
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating 'down time' to reconnect with your soul's desires

We will provide a healthy lunch, delicious snacks and plenty of support on your journey to your soul’s desire.


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Our Journey to Your Soul's Desire Day Retreat is a unique experience that will restore the body, calm the mind, and fill the soul.  You will leave feeling energized, delighted, nurtured, inspired and celebrated! 

This day retreat is a playful, gentle, fun journey. Trade in your pedicure for this unique combination of:

  • Gentle yoga and mindfulness - Relax your body and quiet your mind.  This is gentle and restorative yoga ~ perfect for a first timer or a seasoned yogi.  Beginners Mindfulness - Begin to tap into an untethered mind.
  • Reflective writing - Connect with yourself through reflective writing guided by questions, in a quiet space. Sacred discussion gives participants a chance to share and connect with other like- minded women in a meaningful way that will fill your soul.
  • Playful art - Have fun and relax by just feeling a paint brush, pens and pencils in your hand.  Art moves you out of your left brain 'noise' and into your right brain: the place of peace and serenity.  No experience required, and we will leave comparisons at the door! 
  • Nourishing lunch and healthy treats - Nourish yourself, tap into your senses and delight your palate.