Write Your Relationships Well


Write Your Relationships Well


Friday, June 23th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Nirvana Yoga Studio, 232 E. Main Street Barrington, IL

Cost: $30 Early Bird Special (until June 20th) $40 regular price.  

Join us for an unforgettable night of care for your soul, mind and body while learning how to improve your relationship(s)!  

In this workshop, you will be discovering the healing power of writing and how it can transform your relationships. You will tune in and acknowledge the story your body is telling.  From this place of inner listening, you will practice writing as a spiritual pathway to achieving stronger relationships. This process will lead you beyond the incessant chattering of the mind to the calm and peaceful center where truth and insight reign.  As you return home to the center and gain a strong and clear sense of your true self, you become free to live and love in your relationships in a more integrated way.

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No writing experience is necessary. You are only asked to write from your heart and with new eyes. An endless well of wisdom comes to us from invisible places that the pen simply knows how to locate.  In this workshop you will: 

  • Use writing to unearth profound healing and clarity
  • Experience a powerful process to free you from debilitating anger, depression, or grief
  • Excavate your stories and find the nuggets of beauty that lie within each of them
  • Learn powerful techniques to heal the wounds of your past and regain confidence in your authentic voice
  • Experience your voice on the page becoming your voice in the world
  • Begin to change your relationships when you change yourself