Transformational Groups

"I trust and love the women of SOW That... Just as their name, they are playful, kind hearted, honest, and committed to allowing the Great Story Teller, Jesus, to invade their work and bring about transformation."   - Dan B. Allender, Ph.D.

Do you long to be seen, known and accepted just as you are while also desiring change and transformation?  If you answered yes, then a Transformational Tribe is for you!

SOW that was born out of our own stories of growth and transformation though belonging to an intentional and well facilitated group. We found that as we began to process and tell the whole truth of our stories, dreams and desires we found grace, acceptance, transformation and freedom.   Within a sacred and facilitated community of care; authenticity, connection and redemption were born, as well as our dream to invite others on this journey.

Join one of our Current TRANSFORMATIONAL Tribes Today and Unleash the power within

Spring 2018 Story Workshop - Transformational Tribe

Join us for our 6-week Transformational Tribe based on Dan Allender’s Story Methodology - that we are best known and our stories best seen in the company of others.

So if you are tired of feeling anxious, depressed and discouraged and long to feel seen, loved, free then join us! We offer a holistic and spiritual approach to mind, body and spirit healing and wellness. Telling our story in the presence of others that can ‘read’ you well, helps us shed the masks of shame, guilt, failure and all the ways these characteristics manifest in our lives and bodies. At the end of 6 weeks, we hope you will emerge with a new outlook, a new mind, a new resilience and a renewed connection to your truest most radiant self.

This group is for you if:

  • You are tired of trying and failing to make changes in your life.

  • You know there is more to life then what you are currently living and you know it has something to do with your story.

  • You want to feel free, beautiful and confident in your mind, body and spirit.

  • You desire to have freedom over your story and the negative tapes in your head.

  • You are READY for change and committed to getting it.

Next Open Group:

When: Mondays May 7- June 18th 2018 (no group, May 28th, Memorial Day)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am

Location: The Barrington Center, 901 Fox Glen Ct, Barrington IL

Facilitated by: Jean Masukevich & Laurie Proctor

Cost: $480 for the six-week program ($80 per two hour session)

Please Note: This Tribe is based on Dan Allender's teachings on story and the power of being seen, known and loved in community.

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Fall 2018 Unleash the Artist Within Transformational Tribe

Join us for our 8-week Creativity Tribe to tap into and unleash your unlimited creative power.

Each of us is born with a unique gift, an authentic voice, waiting to be heard. Regardless of the type of work you do, this creative power is your genius. Once you learn to tap into this power, and tell the truth about who you are, your creative potential and your life can be transformed.

We will lead you through an 8-week mind, body and spirit journey toward discovering, honoring and unleashing the creative brilliance within you.

Full of teachings, tools and creative expression, this group will introduce you to a variety of useful techniques for self-exploration and experiences to help you unleash your deepest creative self:

  • Mindfulness to overcome obstacles to creativity

  • Sensitivity and attunement to the voice within

  • Play and Delight through various creative modalities

  • Writing and reflection to tap into your inner knowing

  • Sacred art of sharing and storytelling in community

Join us for this eight-week adventure of reclaiming and unleashing your artist within:

Next Open Group:

When: Mondays September 10th - October 29th 2018

Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location: The Barrington Center, 901 Fox Glove Ct, Barrington IL

Facilitated by: Jean Masukevich & Laurie Proctor

Cost: $480 for the eight-week program ($60 per session and includes all art supplies)

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CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP or let us Facilitate or train your Group

If you currently have a small group or group of four or more friends that you would like to have us facilitate our Transformational Tribe Curriculum, Live Free curriculum or Unleash the Artist Within Creativity curriculum or if you would like us to come and train your staff or organization on group facilitation, please email for more information.

To enter another person’s heartache and hope, at the level that brings profound change, one needs to have walked where few choose to tread—the valley of the shadow of death. A good guide is not only exceptionally bright, strong, and wise—she is aware of her brokenness and humbled by her beauty. She holds the complexity of death and resurrection for herself and therefore can do so for others. I trust and love the women of SOW that... Just as their name, they are playful, kind hearted, honest, and committed to allowing the Great Story Teller, Jesus, to invade their work and bring about transformation. I have led groups with Laurie Proctor and been part of the training process with the rest and they are the kind of guides that will take you into the holy ground of your heart.
— Dan B. Allender, Ph.D. Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President, The Seattle School